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Mountain View Company

Mountain View is one of the most luxurious projects that have been established in New Cairo, which is characterized by many important features, the most important of which are sophistication, luxury, and ingenuity in international designs that rise to a high position among the latest global designs in the field of real estate development, and the implementing company was keen to divide the projects into five Residential sections are all located in the best locations.

Mountain View Company has announced the availability of a variety of different spaces that suit all tastes and customer requirements in the latest style, varying between apartments, penthouses, twin houses, villas and palaces, all of which enjoy stunning charming views of distinct green areas, and here is a detailed statement on the most important projects that It was undertaken by Mountain View Company in New Cairo.

Mountain view projects in the 5th settlement

Mountain View is considered one of the most pioneering companies in the field of real estate development, to be completed with the latest projects divided into five housing projects, each with a distinctive and special character that differs from other projects, to ensure that the company has the highest level of sophistication, luxury, luxury and provide all services of all kinds of health and cultural And entertainment on a plate of gold for all customers, and the most important projects undertaken by the company are the following:

  1. Mountain View 1 New Cairo

Mountain View 1 is one of the first projects the company undertook in the heart of New Cairo, American style, amid the charming nature that harmonizes with fresh air and clear water, as well as water lakes, artificial fountains and a quiet trick that guarantees all units the highest level of privacy that many customers are searching for.

The project is located in a vibrant, vibrant site, located no more than fifteen minutes from the American University. It is also distinguished by its proximity to the ninety street, one of the important streets in the heart of Fifth Avenue, which makes the compound an easy place to reach.

The project is designed on an area of ​​153,000 square meters, in which green spaces and integrated services take a large part of the total area and the rest of the construction.

Services and spaces

  1. Mountain View 2 New Cairo

In the Mountain View 2 compound, the life of the Kings lives in a unit of dreams away from the areas of overcrowding and a life of crowding, in one of the most luxurious projects that were designed in the American style amid the blooming flowers in rare colors that work on comfort and peace, which increases the feeling of comfort and a sense of natural beauty.

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  1. Mountain View Executive Residence

One of the most prominent projects carried out by the serious Cairo Manten View Company, and distinguished from other projects, is that it is one of the best projects that provide integrated services, which was used in the designs of its best consulting offices in Europe by the best engineers to come to light and one of the most luxurious projects in Cairo New and which achieved the record in purchasing power is an integrated masterpiece.

The compound gives you a calm comfort after working hard to enjoy a life full of calm and tranquility after the hard work, the company took care to make the charming view is the first of its concerns to achieve a wonderful view that takes you to a luxurious life among the gardens that surround the place, be all sides.

One of the most important features of the Mountain View Executive Residence Compound is the ease of access to it from all the vital hubs and streets, as it is only 15 minutes from the American University, and its proximity to many schools and the heart of Cairo, the capital.

  1. Mountain Viewhead Park

It was established on an area of ​​200 acres and allocated a large percentage of it up to 85% for green areas and services and 15% for construction, which varies between apartments, twin houses, townhouses and independent villas designed in the latest European style.

  1. Mountain View I City

An integrated services complex of all kinds. The implementation of the designs was used by a group of skilled technical consultants on an area of ​​500 acres, to finally produce an artistic masterpiece unparalleled to the latest innovative trend in architecture. The housing units in the project are represented by the following:

Prices and payment systems

The company has made available many different easy and accessible systems that suit all customers with different designs. The spaces inside the compound. Here is the package available to reserve your imaginary unit in Mountain View I City:

Here is a statement of the tourism projects undertaken by Mountain View Real Estate Development Company:

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